1. Market Research Reports

Reed Intelligence offers syndicated, off-the-shelf market research studies. We publish more than 240 reports annually covering 45 sectors on a worldwide and regional scale. We follow several sectors, locating important marketplaces and comprehending significant macro- and micro-economic developments. We provide personalised, syndicated market research reports to keep up with the business climate. To guarantee that each report contains accurate market segmentation and insights, we use best-practice models, research methodology, and in-depth market analysis.

Our syndicated reports contain a research study with in-depth statistical analysis, market dynamics analysis, and trend investigation that offers a comprehensive view of the sector. To produce the most value for our clients, we use a rigorous research process and have a thorough awareness of important industry issues.

The analysts and consultants on the Reed Intelligence team process the raw data that they collect from reputable primary and secondary data sources in order to extract information that is valuable and actionable for the purposes of meeting the business goals of our customers. Our studies provide comprehensive research solutions that are geared at bringing maximum industry clarity for the purpose of strategic decision making. These solutions combine in-depth industry analysis with reliable estimations and projections. Our studies comprise the following essential components:

  • Industry Outlook and Success Factors
  • Market Segmentation and Value Chain Analysis
  • Industry Dynamics Political Insights
  • Industry Segmentation and Value Chain Analysis
  • PESTLE analysis
  • Porter’s analysis
  • Consumption Insights
  • Drivers
  • Restraints,
  • Key Opportunities
  • Key Drivers
  • Regional Outlook
    • Country-level Analysis
  • Application Outlook
  • Technology Outlook
  • Regional Outlook
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Company Market Share Analysis
    • Key Company Profiles

2. Monthly Market Tracking

Monthly Market Tracking? is a one-of-a-kind service that Reed Intelligence provides. This service was developed specifically for the chemical and materials industries. Because the global market is growing more volatile, it is vital for industry participants to have access to market information that is swift, actionable, and in real time. This will help them to make crucial choices regarding production, price, inventory, and procurement.

Our consumers have access to essential data points thanks to our monthly market tracking, including:

  • Important market happenings on a local and regional scale
  • Price movements for major regional marketplaces on a weekly basis
  • On a regional scale, strategic efforts for prominent corporations, such as mergers, acquisitions, alliances, expansions, product launches, and divestment.

The following is a list of important advantages of subscribing to market monitoring:

  • Key market events on a regional scale
  • Weekly price trends for key regional markets
  • Strategic initiatives including mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, expansions, product launches and divestment for leading companies on a regional scale

Data in the Microsoft Excel format that is quick and easy to use An annual subscription that includes updates on a monthly basis, along with product flexibility and the ability to tailor periodic reports to specific needs

3. Research As A Service (RAAS)

For continuous strategic endeavours, companies frequently require day-to-day research help; this may involve simple market data needs or extensive competition intelligence, due diligence, industry tracking, and pricing monitoring services. In light of this, Reed Intelligence provides partnership services in order to give our customers with a specialised, all-in-one solution for all of their information requirements.

The pillar of our partnership services is the offering we refer to as Research A A service (RAAS) , which stands for full-time analyst engagement. Customers who have access to these specialised teams have the ability to obtain research support 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the whole year. This helps reduce the amount of time wasted on projects and ensures the highest possible value. In general, our RAAS teams consist of research associates, domain experts, team leaders, primary analysts, and database mining analysts, but these roles may be modified to meet the specific needs of each individual client. In addition, clients have the option of requesting access to our database, which contains corporate profiles and studies on various industries.

The following are some of the primary advantages of research partnership services:

  • Dedicated team of analysts that are entirely focused on the needs of the customer
  • Research assistance available 24X7
  • Deliverables and analyst briefings on a regular basis.
  • Complete adaptability to allow for personalised solutions.