Understanding the Consumer Preferences in the Snack Industry

12 Apr, 2023


A snack company was experiencing declining sales despite their efforts to introduce new products and increase advertising spend. The company wanted to understand the reasons behind this trend and identify opportunities for growth.


The company commissioned a market research study to better understand consumer preferences and behavior in the snack industry. The study included both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Quantitative Research

The first phase of the study involved a large-scale survey of consumers in the target market. The survey included questions about snacking habits, preferences, and purchase behavior. The results were analyzed using statistical software to identify trends and patterns.

Qualitative Research

The second phase of the study involved in-depth interviews with a smaller group of consumers to gain a deeper understanding of their snacking habits and preferences. The interviews were conducted in-person and recorded for later analysis.


The study revealed several key findings:

Health and wellness were important factors in snack purchasing decisions. Consumers preferred snacks that were perceived as healthier, such as those made with natural ingredients or lower in calories.

Taste and variety were also important factors. Consumers wanted snacks that tasted good and offered a wide range of flavors and textures.

Packaging and branding played a significant role in purchase decisions. Consumers were more likely to choose snacks with appealing packaging and branding that aligned with their personal values.


Based on the findings, the snack company implemented several strategies to improve their product offerings and increase sales:

They introduced a new line of healthier snacks made with natural ingredients and lower in calories.

They expanded their product line to include a wider range of flavors and textures.

They updated their packaging and branding to better appeal to consumers' preferences and values.


By conducting a comprehensive market research study, the snack company was able to identify the reasons behind their declining sales and make strategic changes to improve their product offerings and increase sales. This case study highlights the importance of understanding consumer preferences and behavior in the highly competitive snack industry.

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