Top 5 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard in the Market

By : Akhil Nair 24 May, 2023

One form of wireless keyboard that makes use of Bluetooth technology is the Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. It's a wireless keyboard with the responsive feel and tactile feedback of mechanical switches.

The keys on a mechanical keyboard are individually connected to a separate mechanical switch, giving the keyboard a very sturdy build. Each keypress is reliably registered by these switches, making for a pleasant typing experience. Because of the tactile feedback and increased accuracy they provide, many typists, programmers, and gamers prefer them.

The keyboard's Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need for a wired connection to electronic devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Because it is wireless, you can use the keyboard even if it isn't close by, and you can also move between devices with ease.

Market Stimulants

The market for Bluetooth mechanical keyboards has expanded rapidly in recent years for a number of reasons. The ever-increasing need for wireless ease is a major impetus. With Bluetooth technology, users may enjoy a cable-free workstation, which helps to reduce clutter and allows for more comfortable keyboard placement. Many people, from professionals to gamers to those just looking for additional control over their typing experience, will appreciate this wireless capability.

The business has been boosted in no little part by the convenience and adaptability of Bluetooth mechanical keyboards. These keyboards couple quickly and effortlessly with a wide variety of electronic gadgets, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, allowing you to move between them without having to constantly connect and unhook wires. Those who work in a variety of settings and devices will appreciate this adaptability in a keyboard.The fact that mechanical keyboards provide a more tactile typing experience is also a factor. Mechanical switches improve typing speed, accuracy, and comfort because to their pleasing click and responsive nature. Because of this, mechanical keyboards have become standard equipment for many professions and hobbies. These keyboards provide a desired mix for consumers looking for tactile feedback and Bluetooth connection by combining the mechanical perfection of switches with both.

The growing popularity of video games and competitive online gaming has also boosted sales of wireless mechanical keyboards with Bluetooth connectivity. Tactile switches, which mechanical keyboards have, are favored by gamers because they provide more accurate feedback during marathon gaming sessions. Bluetooth allows gamers to take use of mechanical keyboards without being tethered by wires, giving them a distinct advantage.

Market Keyplayers

ZF Friedrichshafen AG – Cherry

Cherry, a trademark of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, is a well-known brand of mechanical keyboard switches made in Germany. Cherry MX switches are commonly considered to be among the finest available because to their robust construction, quiet operation, and reliable performance. Cherry MX switches are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to accommodate any typist's needs. Keyboards with Cherry MX switches are widely coveted by enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals that place a premium on accuracy and responsiveness.

Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co. Ltd.

The Chinese firm Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co. Ltd. specializes in producing mechanical switches for keyboards, among other electrical components. Greetech is well-known for manufacturing mechanical switches for use in a wide range of keyboards, including Bluetooth mechanical keyboards. The switches produced by Greetech are popular due to their affordability, durability, and satisfying tactile feedback. The firm provides a variety of switches, including Gateron switches, which have become famous among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts because to their responsiveness and adaptability.


The Chinese firm Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd., or simply Greetech, produces mechanical switches for keyboards and other electrical components. Greetech is well-known for manufacturing the mechanical switches used in many popular brands of keyboards, including Bluetooth-enabled models. The firm sells a variety of switches that are well regarded for their durability, responsiveness to touch, and low cost.

Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd. – Kaihl

Another major participant in the mechanical keyboard industry, including the Bluetooth mechanical keyboard subsegment, is Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd., or Kailh for short. Kailh is a Chinese manufacturer that focuses in mechanical switches. Keyboard manufacturers all across the globe, including those making Bluetooth keyboards, utilize their switches. The Kailh brand of switches is well-respected for its high build quality, long lifespan, and flexible design that accommodates a variety of user preferences.

Trantek Electronics Co., Ltd. – TTC

Located in Taiwan, Trantek Electronics Co., Ltd., or TTC for short, produces mechanical switches for keyboards and other electrical components. Many manufacturers of keyboards, including those that provide Bluetooth mechanical keyboards, employ TTC switches. The company's primary emphasis is on developing and manufacturing high-quality switches that are both long-lasting and silent in operation.

OMRON Corporation

The Japanese firm OMRON Corporation manufactures a wide variety of electronic components, including switches for a wide range of applications. OMRON has also entered the market for mechanical keyboards, with switches designed for use with mechanical keyboards that connect through Bluetooth. When looking for a high-quality typing experience, OMRON switches are highly recommended because to their dependability, accuracy, and consistency.


The American firm Corsair is a household name for its extensive line of gaming accessories, many of which are mechanical keyboards. The Bluetooth mechanical keyboards from Corsair combine mobility and specialized functionality for competitive gaming. Gamers that care about both performance and aesthetics will like these keyboards because of their programmable profiles, dedicated macro keys, and color-customizable RGB illumination.

Razer Inc.

Razer, Inc. is a major player in the video game hardware industry worldwide. The Bluetooth mechanical keyboards from Razer are optimized for gaming, with features like low-latency wireless connection and dedicated gaming keys. Razer's unique mechanical switches, called as Razer Green or Razer Orange switches, are often found on Razer keyboards. These switches provide tactile feedback and are durable enough to handle long, intensive gaming sessions.

Rapoo Corporation

The Rapoo Corporation is a Chinese manufacturer of Bluetooth mechanical keyboards and other wireless peripherals. The Bluetooth connection and extended battery life of Rapoo's wireless keyboards are major selling points. The company's products are designed to be accessible and inexpensive for everyone in the market for a wireless typing solution.

Akhil Nair