Top 10 Gluten-Free Smoothies Market Players in 2023: Driving Innovation and Growth

By : Akhil Nair 28 Oct, 2023

Gluten-free smoothies are popular beverages specific for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those looking for a gluten-free diet. Because these smoothies are made without wheat, barley, or rye, people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance can consume them without risk. To make a tasty and nourishing beverage fit for a variety of dietary requirements, they usually combine a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy or dairy substitutes, and additions.

According to Reed Intelligence the Gluten-Free Smoothies Market Size will approximately grow at a CAGR of 10.2% during the forecast period due to increasing demand for healthy and convenient food and beverage options.

Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and looking for gluten-free products, and smoothies fit the bill perfectly. Several key players have emerged in this market, each contributing to its growth and innovation. Important competitors in the market have also been experimenting, providing a broad range of gluten-free flavors and mixes to suit a range of palates.

Market Keyplayers

  1. Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies

    Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies is a popular franchise that offers premium all-natural-fruit smoothies that are low in fat, gluten-free, kosher certified, and halal qualified. In order to accommodate customers with dietary requirements, they are dedicated to offering gluten-free options for their delicious beverages. The brand is well-liked by customers who want a taste of the islands without sacrificing their dietary choices because of its focus on natural ingredients and tropical flavors. Maui Wowi is a fantastic choice for business owners wishing to get into the gluten-free smoothies industry because it sells a mobile smoothie franchise. Mango Orange, Strawberry Banana, and Pineapple Coconut are a few of their well-liked gluten-free smoothie varieties.
  2. Dr. Smoothie

    Dr. Smoothie is a company that specializes in creating healthy and delicious smoothie mixes. They have a reputation for using only the best ingredients and being health-conscious. One example of this is their 100% Crushed line, which is produced with actual fruit and has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Additionally, Dr. Smoothie sells a range of gluten-free, organic smoothie mixes that are created with only certified organic ingredients. Due to its assortment of gluten-free alternatives, the brand has become the preferred option for foodservice establishments seeking to serve a varied clientele, including individuals with dietary sensitivity.
  3. Bolthouse Farms

    Bolthouse Farms offers a variety of fruit and vegetable-based beverages, including smoothies. They place a high priority on nutrition and are dedicated to offering their customers gluten-free options. One such option is their Strawberry Banana flavor, which is produced with actual fruit and doesn't include any artificial flavors.
    They provide a selection of gluten-free smoothies. Bolthouse Farms also sells a range of high-quality protein-rich smoothies that are free of gluten. Bolthouse Farms has become a major participant in the industry mainly to its creative flavor combinations and easily consumed smoothies.
  4. Super Cubes

    Super Cubes is a company that produces frozen smoothie cubes that are made with solely natural components. Their smoothie cubes are free of added sugars and preservatives, and they are also gluten-free. This innovative idea makes it simple for people to make smoothies at home. Super Cubes has a selection of gluten-free smoothie tastes, such as Berrylicious, a blend of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Super Cubes, which prioritize convenience and wellness, is having a big impact on the industry.
  5. Smoodypod Group

    Smoodypod Group offers a variety of smoothie pods that are not just gluten-free but also packed with superfoods. They are intended for people looking for a quick and wholesome solution. Smoothie pods are made to work with the Smoodypod blender, which makes making nutritious and delectable smoothies at home simple.
    Mango & Passionfruit, one of the gluten-free smoothies varieties offered by Smoodypod Group, is created with actual fruit and has no added sugar or preservatives. Healthy customers searching for a hassle-free smoothie-drinking experience have been drawn to the brand because of its commitment to using only pure ingredients and creating innovative flavors.
  6. Smoothie King

    Smoothie King is a popular franchise that offers an array of healthy smoothies. They have a range of gluten-free smoothie options, such as their Gladiator Protein Smoothie, which is free of gluten and artificial flavors and is produced with premium protein sources.A range of plant-based, gluten-free, vegan smoothies is also available from Smoothie King. They have been a favorite among people looking for wholesome and personalized smoothies because of their dedication to using fresh fruit and premium supplements.
  7. Emerald City Smoothie

    The goal of the local franchise Emerald City Smoothie is to offer a wide variety of smoothies, including gluten-free options like their Strawberry Banana flavor, which is prepared with natural fruit and has no artificial tastes. In order to accommodate individual preferences, they offer personalized smoothies and place a high priority on using full, natural ingredients. Additionally, Emerald City Smoothie sells a brand of high-quality protein smoothies that are free of gluten. They now have a devoted clientele thanks to their strategy.
  8. WildOrchard

    WildOrchard is a company that produces a range of healthy smoothie mixes, recognized for its premium, organic, and gluten-free smoothie blends. They have a selection of smoothie mixes free of gluten, one of which is their Blueberry Banana flavor, which is produced with actual fruit and has no added preservatives or artificial flavors. Additionally, WildOrchard sells a range of gluten-free organic smoothie mixes that are created using ingredients that have been certified organic. They stand out in the industry because of their dedication to providing high-quality, health-conscious products.
  9. Happy Planet

    Happy Planet offers a range of gluten-free smoothies made with organic and natural components. They have several gluten-free smoothie alternatives, such as their Mango & Peach flavor, which is created with actual fruit and has no added preservatives or artificial flavors. Customers that care about the environment have come to trust Happy Planet as a brand that prioritizes health and sustainability.
  10. Odwalla

    Odwalla is a company that produces a range of healthier beverages, involving smoothies. This well-known leader in the smoothie industry is renowned for providing natural and nutrient-dense smoothie options, such as their real fruit-based Strawberry Banana taste. They are a dependable option for people with dietary limitations because they offer a variety of gluten-free products.

Akhil Nair