Top 10 Storage Agriculture Bags Companies In the World

By : Akhil Nair 22 May, 2023

Storage Agriculture Bags are big plastic bags used for the temporary storage of agricultural goods including grains, seeds, and silage. They are also known as grain bags and silo bags. These bags are a convenient and inexpensive alternative to permanent storage facilities, particularly in areas where such facilities are few or nonexistent. Storage Polyethylene material that is resistant to ultraviolet light degradation is the standard for making agricultural bags. They come in capacities that may store anything from several hundred to several thousand metric tons of agricultural produce. The goods inside will be safe from rain, insects, and other elements thanks to the bags' weatherproof construction.

Using Storage Agriculture Bags entails placing the agricultural product inside the bag, closing the bag to prevent the infiltration of air and water, and then storing the bag in an appropriate area. To optimize storage space, the bags are often piled or put side by side on flat ground, away from trees and other possible hazards.

Storage farm bags provide for more adaptability and portability, which is a benefit in many situations. They're simple to put up, so farmers can keep their harvests in them rather of having to rush to take them to a warehouse. Also, during times of high productivity or when temporary storage is needed owing to logistical restrictions, farmers are better equipped to manage their storage demands because to this adaptability.

The use of storage farm bags also helps to minimize waste and quality decline. The nutrients and freshness of the stored crops are protected from air and moisture by the bags' airtight closure. As a consequence, crop quality may be enhanced and post-harvest losses reduced.

While storage agricultural bags may be used as a stopgap measure, they should not be considered a permanent alternative to more permanent storage facilities. The bags are designed for short-term use; their lifespan is normally a year or less, depending on the goods and the climate. When it comes to storing agricultural goods, storage bags are a convenient, inexpensive, and short-term option. They help farmers organize the gathering and storing of crops in a way that keeps them fresh and valuable until they can be transported or processed further.

Market Stimulants

There are a number of motivating factors that keep the storage farm bags market expanding and in high demand. There is a rising need for effective storage solutions due to the expanding global population and the associated need for increased agricultural output. In areas with insufficient permanent storage infrastructure, storage agricultural bags provide a low-cost and versatile alternative. Harvested crops may be easily maintained and managed thanks to this bag's temporary storage solution. Agricultural commodity price volatility also contributes to the market's activity. When market circumstances are right, farmers may preserve their harvests in storage agricultural bags and reap the financial benefits. The adaptability and portability of these bags are also significant motivators, as they allow farmers to respond effectively to shifting storage requirements and logistical hurdles. In sum, storage agricultural bags are a cheap and versatile option for farmers all over the globe who need a storage solution that can grow with their needs.

Market Key players

Bulk Lift International

Bulk Lift International is an organization that produces and distributes flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), often known as bulk sacks. These bags have a wide variety of agricultural uses, including the delivery and storage of grains, seeds, and fertilizers. When it comes to storing and transporting agricultural goods, Bulk Lift International has a variety of FIBCs available to suit a wide variety of needs.

LC Packaging

Bags for the agricultural sector are only one of the many packaging products and services offered by LC Packaging, a worldwide packaging solutions provider. Seeds, cereals, animal feed, and other agricultural goods are only some of the items for which they provide packaging options. The agricultural bags produced by LC Packaging are designed to prevent damage to the stored goods from things like dampness and insects.

BAG Corp

When it comes to FIBCs, BAG Corp. is an industry pioneer in every respect. The firm has been around for more than 50 years, giving them plenty of time to perfect their packaging solutions for a wide range of sectors, including the agricultural sector. The agricultural industry has unique needs, thus BAG Corp designs and manufactures high-quality, long-lasting, and trustworthy bulk bags to fill them.

Berry Global Group Inc

The Berry worldwide Group, Inc. is a worldwide leader in sustainable packaging solutions, serving a variety of industries throughout the world. Woven polypropylene bags and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are only two examples of the agricultural storage options they provide. Berry Global's storage bags are made to withstand the elements and keep agricultural products safe from pests, rodents, and the sun. To address the challenges faced by the agricultural industry, they develop products that are long-lasting, dependable, and affordable.

Conitex Sonoco

Bags for agricultural storage are only one of the many packaging options offered by industry leader Conitex Sonoco. They provide a variety of specialized bulk bags (sometimes called super sacks or FIBCs) for the secure transport and long-term storage of food and other agricultural products. The storage bags from Conitex Sonoco are constructed from superior materials to guarantee the safety of whatever is placed inside. They specialize in tailoring bag solutions to the specific needs of the agricultural sector.


When it comes to storing and transporting agricultural goods, look no farther than Greif, a worldwide provider of industrial packaging solutions. Woven polypropylene bags, intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), and other specialized bags are only some of the packaging options they provide to the agricultural industry. The quality of agricultural goods may be maintained throughout storage and transit with the help of Greif's storage bags, which are designed to endure extreme temperatures and moisture levels. To serve its clients in the agricultural sector, they provide packaging solutions that are efficient, sustainable, and affordable.

Langston Companies

Bags for storing agricultural supplies are only one of the many items offered by packaging solutions company Langston Companies. Bulk bags, or flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) or giant sacks, are their forte; they are used for storing and transporting agricultural products. The agricultural items you've worked so hard to harvest won't be damaged by things like dampness, bugs, or UV rays thanks to the storage bags made by Langston Companies. To address the industry's unique bag requirements, they provide bespoke services.

RDA Bulk Packaging

Packaging solutions provider RDA Bulk Packaging serves several sectors, including the agricultural sector. They provide a variety of agricultural storage options, including bulk bags and weaved polypropylene bags. RDA Bulk Packaging's storage bags are constructed from durable materials and engineered to resist the rough conditions of farms. Storage options for perishable agricultural goods are provided by them.

Emmbi Industries

Emmbi Industries is an Indian multinational corporation founded in 1984 that produces flexible packaging solutions including agricultural storage bags. Bags suitable for storing and transporting agricultural products including grains, seeds, and fertilizers are available from this company. The storage bags produced by Emmbi Industries are constructed from cutting-edge materials that repel water and insects. They are dedicated to providing agribusiness with environmentally friendly and inexpensive packaging options.

Wenzhou Lingke Industrial

Founded in 2008, ULINK Wenzhou Lingke Industrial Co., Ltd.Cangnan County Industrial Park is in the city of Wenzhou in the province of Zhejiang in China. It's 70 acres in size, with a 40,000-square-meter building and an annual revenue of about $30 million. ULINK’s primary products include woven polypropylene sacks, multiwall paper bags, and PP valve bags.It uses state-of-the-art machinery in the production of packaging materials. Five complete STARLINGER AD*STAR and W&H valve bag production lines have recently been installed at UNLIK.Automatic PP valve bag machines were initially exported by this business in China in 2010.As of right now, 200,000 PCS a day is the daily cap.

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